This is the list that I gave to Harwells Audi. After a day's work, all that they had actually done was to oil the driver's door hinge.

Faults with Audi A6 Avant X133UAY 12/12/02

Click behind dashboard. This is in the area of the speedometer and it happens on very small bumps or rippled road surfaces. It is more frequent when cold, but it is intermittent.

Broken Catch on the emergency triangle cover.

Battery. The battery went flat when I had run a cool box from the car for about an hour. Also, when the glowplugs turn off after a cold start, the change in headlight brightness is larger than it used to be.

The driver's door speaker is sometimes squeaky, and sometimes turns off on its own.

The driver's door hinge is stiff.
(There is a flat grey cable to the extra window switches that have been added in the centre of the car. If this cable is in the way when you deal with either of the faults in the driver's door, just cut the cable cleanly. All that will happen is that the extra switches will be disconnected and I can join the cables up when I get the car back.)

Self-leveling suspension. There was an intermittent warning on the self leveling suspension, and a squeak from the right rear suspension, in cold weather. (I think that the left rear sensor was replaced when the car was new to cure a similar squeak on the left rear suspension)

Front left wheel rumbling. There is a rumbling sound from the front left, and it is more pronounced during right turns such as going around a large roundabout.

Aircon smells musty. If I use the aircon, then leave the car for a few hours, it smells musty.

Brake warning. If I leave the car for more than 2 days, a brake warning comes on for a few seconds after I start the engine, (not after the ignition is turned on).